Tuesday, October 19, 2010

F.O.G. In The World

When I am driving in my car during the work-week, I've noticed that at the top of the hour, I find myself at times, switching over to Fox News on my XM Satellite Radio to learn if anything major is going on in the world.  Each time I do, it seems like I'll listen just a little longer in the hopes of hearing something good.  Reality quickly sets in though and I am barraged with negative story after negative story.

This is no knock on Fox as CNN, MSNBC and any local news I've seen and heard over my lifetime all focus on negative and depressing stories.  "Negative sells!" is often the response I've heard people say when defending the story lines.  I have two things to say about that: 1) Maybe, but have you ever tried selling positive? and 2)  Can you not mix in some inspiring, motivational or "good" stories at the top of the hour rather than bury one that you may run in the 53rd minute?

Like I tell my staff at work. It's fine to point out a problem, however, before you point it out, also be prepared with a solution. 

Well, here's mine.

Focus on (what's) good (F.O.G.) in the world.  And I'm not making a personal plea to network and cable television and radio.  I'm talking to you.  If you are like me in this manner, and a number of you have expressed to me that you are also frustrated with all the bad stories being reported, then focus your life on what's good.  One of my favorite quotes I heard Wayne Dyer say with regard to news and news reports is, "Be informed, but don't be inundated". 

In other words, stay abreast of what's happening around you but don't allow yourself to become consumed with what you see and hear.  Focus on something a family member has said or done, focus on a positive change you may be making in your life, focus on the feeling you'll have after you complete a difficult task at work or home, or focus on how you can make a difference in somebody else's life. 

Whatever, or whoever, makes you feel good is what you'll want to focus your mind and energy on.  It will not only change your little corner of the world, but if enough people try this, it will have a dramatic change on life as we know it. 

Give it a shot.  You may come to realize that F.O.G. is actually a good thing.

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