Tuesday, October 26, 2010


What do you believe in?  What makes you believe it? 

I believe in, among other things, the power that I possess to make a life for myself that is beyond even my wildest of dreams.  And yes, that does include material things - though my material desires are minimal compared to what they used to - but I'm talking what's at the center of my deepest and most sacred of thoughts...being totally and undeniably happy with who I am.

Simple enough...not!

But that's OK because  I, like so many others, am a work in progress.  And that's also OK because nobody out there is a "perfect" person, whatever that means.  What I believe in though, is me.  I believe that there is nothing I can't be, not because I'm so special, but because we are all given a life of limitless possibilities.  I believe that you also possess that power of limitless possibilities but it's not enough if we don't believe in ourselves and in each other.

I believe in me.  I believe in you. 

Who do you believe in?  Hope you'll let me know.


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