Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Let Frustration Get The Better Of You

"This is not where I want to be!"  "This is not the plan I have!"  Why is this happening?"  "Why are things not working out?"

I think we've all uttered the above statements and questions during our lives.  It's frustration setting in and we need to release it.  Totally understandable and in playing amateur psychologists for a moment, perfectly normal.  The question is, after getting frustrated, where do we go from there?

It is very easy to continue in a downward spiral and get down on yourself when our life isn't working out like we feel it should.  And right at that very moment is when we must re-commit ourselves.  Re-commit to working harder, smarter, doing more research, getting back to eating better, exercising, being a better spouse, mother, father or whatever our cause may be. 

It's fine if we get frustrated and have to blow off some steam from time-to-time.  The trick is letting it go and getting right back on the path we've set out for ourselves. 

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