Friday, September 24, 2010

Whether You Think You Can...

Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company has been linked to a number of great quotes over the years.  My favorite by far though is the following:  "Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can't, You're Right".

Translation:  If you think you'll do poorly at something, you will.  If you think you'll kick-ass at something, then you will do it.  It's all in how you think.  Kind of ties in with the notion that what the mind believes, the body will achieve.  I understand that it sounds so simple...and it is...until we talk ourselves into thinking it can't be and isn't. 

It's a vicious cycle that we sometimes get trapped in but I'm finding that the more I keep to the K.I.S.S. method, you know, Keep It Simple Stupid ( or some other last word you may choose to substitute for stupid), the more realistic and easier it is to accomplish.

Anybody else up for a little K.I.S.S. in their life?

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