Friday, September 10, 2010

Pick It Up Guys- It's Really Not That Difficult

Mark this as my first pet peeve blog.  It involves, "guys", "dudes", "boys", "men" and all "studs" .  Before I get into it, though, a little perspective.

I love being a guy, hangin out with the fellas, burping, farting and not feeling bad about it (if I were Tim Taylor, I'd be grunting right now).  Plus, is there really a better excuse to adjust (ahem) yourself, than when you're wearing a cup on a ball field?  Ah, good times.

However my fellow brethren, the time has come to call a great many of you out.  I'm fed up and frustrated by this and I have to get it off my chest.  When you're taking a pee, will you please put the seat up?!!!?  I mean c'mon, it's really not that difficult.  And don't any of you try telling me that it's no big deal.  Really?  So you enjoy walking into a stall seeing some (or many) guys' pee on the seat? 

And how disheartening is it when you have other intentions when rushing to the throne?  Think about it, you walk in, spot an open stall, maybe get a little giddy about it and then, "NOOOOOOO!"  There it is all over the seat, a little on the side, a bit on the floor.  Nothing says, "I can wait" more, than lots of yellow on what was once a beautiful white seat. 

If we'd all band together and commit to each other right here and now, think of how much easier and less stressful our days could be.  What do say guys, will you pick it up?


  1. Women are no better - they squat instead of lining the seat with TP and sitting, thus spraying all over the seat and NOT cleaning it off - so when I go briskly walking to the bathroom and open the stall - I get that ewwwwwwwwww feeling and have to run and find a clean one - go figure flipping pigs whether it be make or female !!

  2. amen to both of ya! why does anyone think it is ok for me to have to clean off their pee so i can lay down toilet paper or that fancy paper just so i can have a seat and pee.

  3. Goodbygal2 and Cammychick - Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to comment. Sorry to learn that women have the same issues.

    Hope you'll help me spread the word about my blog.

    Make It A Great Day!