Friday, September 10, 2010


Friday, by far, is my favorite day of the week.  It marks the end of the work week and mixes in a whole lot of optimism about the weekend.

For me, it also opens up my mind as to how things can be, both personally, as well as, on a local, national and global scale.  What is possible?  Getting to the gym this weekend?  Democrats and Republicans singing Cum-by-ya?  Peace in the Middle East?  For some, the last two questions will be impossible to say "yes" to and I understand how and why we can think that way.  All it takes is looking at the cover of a newspaper or reading a Fox News or CNN website to know that will never happen.

Well I've just hit on two words that I do not care for.  "Impossible" and "Never".  Words like these should be banished from the dictionary because they put limits on our capabilities as an individual, nation and planet.  Think of some of the things in history that were "impossible" and would "never" happen:  the invention of the airplane, landing on the moon, the N.Y. Mets winning the World Series in 1969 (the Miracle Mets) and dare I say it, the invention - not by Al Gore - of the internet!

When we expand our minds, we expand our possibilities and then we allow ourselves to experience some pretty amazing things. 


  1. I ran the mile in High School. When I would approach the runner in front of me, I would think, you can do it, just stretch more, try harder, and I could. I would continue that thought process until the race was over. It really made a difference. I won a lot of races that way. I would do the same thing in Tennis matches. I would think, you can do it, stretch more, run harder. It worked. I was going to type, if I could only do that with life situations. But, scratch that, I will from now on. Thanks, Jan Can!

  2. Jan-Can -

    Thanks for the feedback. Hope you'll check back often.
    Make it a great day!