Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Not What You Don't Have...

I'd love to be able to vacation in some exotic location 5 times a year, have a bigger home, a couple of Mercedes and have my family set up financially for generations to come.  I don't have those things though...yet.

I've often times found myself getting caught up in things I don't have and as you may know, that thought process can drive you crazy, make you feel bad about yourself and have a negative impact about the way you live your life.  And while I can't say I still don't have those thoughts from time-to-time, I can say to you that I've come to have a deeper appreciation and enhanced gratitude to God for all that I do have.  And when I focus on those things that I do have, I begin to realize that I am a richer person than most people on this beautiful earth. 

At some point today, take just a few moments to realize all that you do have in your life.  Write a list, say it out loud or use any method that will allow you to appreciate what you have.  I guarantee you, you'll come to realize you have so much more than you realize.

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