Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's A New Day

Everyday when I wake up, the first thing I always try to do is to say thank you to God for this day. Throughout the rest of the morning, in quiet times, I'll give thanks for all that I have in my life with my family at the top of that list.

In thinking about what it means to have this day, I realize that there are possibilities forthcoming.  It means that today brings the chance to be a better person, to do something nice for somebody, to love my wife and kids more, to reach out to an old friend, to make a positive change in my life...and on and on I can go.  Possibilities excite me and having the chance to execute those possibilities is even more exciting. 

Everyday is a gift my friends and perhaps a way for us to show appreciation for that gift is to give something back.  Our gift could be a donation to a charity or building a home for Habitat For Humanity.  However, it could also be something as simple as taking an extra few moments to have a conversation with somebody, cleaning up a messy part of your neighborhood or to really simplify things, taking a couple of extra seconds to hold a door open for a stranger and telling him/her to have a better day.

Whatever you may decide to do, remember, no matter what happened yesterday, today is a new day filled with possibilities.  What will you do with this new day? 

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