Sunday, September 12, 2010

Overwhelming Optimism

Optimism is an amazing gift!  A strong, powerful feeling that can change our lives in an instant.  It sounds so simple to get but I feel we sometimes get blinded by its opponent, pessimism.

How can we remain optimistic?  Focus on all the good that is in your life and minimize your thoughts on the negative.  Of course we'll still have thoughts of negative events and situations in our life but I've found it very helpful to acknowledge the negative thought and then, let it go and refocus on something that brings you joy, peace or happiness.

What helps you?


  1. Singing!! And of course surrounding myself with nice people, genuinely sincere is what I mean... Being around sad people that is ok, it is different, they need comforting & people who can help bring them up. For me, I give many people chances if they have hurt or insulted me, then maybe after the 5th or so time, even in a matter of years, if they are still hurtfull, I let them go. I still hope for the happiness & know it can come, but I keep the relaionship at a distance. With any negative thoughts that may enter or overcome me at times, I sing (again) or put happy music on, look at my family & friends, or if they are at work or school, look at their pictures, sew, knit, crochet... (Yes I am searching for a job, but in the meantime!!)
    Thanks for inviting me as oe of the many, to your blog, Anthony!! It is wonderful, you wonderful!! And best to you & yours!!

  2. (Hey, Anthony!! It is Alexa, I didn't pay attention when I chose Google Account as my sign in... Elaina Rose is our daughter, & accidentally wasn't paying attention. I'll be sure to be more careful next time :0) Best wishes!!)