Friday, September 9, 2011

Who Says Good News Doesn't Sell

I've had this idea for years about starting a website and eventually a television network with a name like TGN - Today's Good News or GNN - Good News Network.  My thinking afterall, is that I am so tired of hearing nothing but sad, bad and depressing news being reported day-after-day.  There have to be more people in the world who are hungry for the positive in life to be reported, right?

Well, that idea never took flight as all I did was think and think and think about it...Great reminder there to act on our thoughts.  However, when I recently starting searching the web, I came across the the Good News Network (great name) website.  It turns out that they have been reporting on good news from all around the world for 15 years now - well before my "original" idea.  As the website's founder Geri says, "I began this effort in 1997 with a passion to serve humanity in doses of positive news. Now my goal is to make this a business. I want to be the first person to really prove that good news sells."  And she is. 

It is a fantastic website started by one woman with a vision.   For a great source on real news, made by real people, doing good things in this life, please take the time to visit and let your family and friends know about it.

Thank you Geri for starting this initiative and brightening lives around the world everyday!

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  1. Thanks for your blog post!

    Geri, Founder and editor, the Good News Network