Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wrestling With Life's Decisions

Ah, making decisions and answering life's question.  There are the ones that can alter your future... "Should I stay with my current job or begin searching for another?"  And there are the seemingly simple ones, "Would you like fries with that?"

Let's assume you go with the fries for a moment and focus on the other question.  There is so much to consider including the obvious like salary and benefits.  Then there are the thoughts that require a little more thought such as the required time commitment and is there opportunity to advance.  Lastly, it gets personal with questions such as, "How will this effect my family?"  "Can I maintain my level of integrity?"  "Will I be happy?"

That last one can be tricky because we must first figure out what "happy" is.  Is it more money?  Is it waking up everyday and loving what you do?  Is it have a flexible schedule?  Perhaps you are happy if you make a positive difference in somebody else's life?  Or maybe happy to you is simply having a job and being able to pay your bills.

Whatever it may be, searching within yourself will help you find the answer.  Taking the time to truly find what's missing will help you realize that it's been there all along.

By the way, you may want to substitute the fruit cup.  It's much better for you and helps you feel less guilty for ordering the quadruple (bypass) pattie burger. 

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