Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Living Hell or Is This Heaven?

"My life's a living hell!"  "This is truly heaven on earth!"  Two powerful statements each having equal power.

Despite what we are bombarded with on television, radio and the internet, I'm a believer that the good outweighs the bad in life.  Don't get me wrong, I recognize that there are some terrible and horrific events that happen everyday and I pray for those affected by them.  However, I also know that the way I and others see my life, has everything to do with what I feel about it and how I act when living it.

I have a boss at work that says in response to, "good morning", asks the question, "what's so good about it?"  That same boss, when I ask him how he's doing, will respond, "havin a freakin Monday".  Realize when he says that, the day of the week is irrelevant.  The interesting thing about him is that in my brief face-to-face encounter with him, he seemed like a nice enough guy.  However, whenever I have to speak with him(always on the phone), I have to generate positive thoughts just to get through the call without feeling like I've just lost my best friend.  In his defense, he does have a difficult job and deals with some dishonest people during the day, but come on, I'm on his side so why give me the grief?

My point is, in dealing with people like him or somebody on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have a choice.  A choice to go through our day mad at the world or to feel good about yourself and to try to help others.  Which way do you choose?



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