Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Make It A Great Day!

Today, above any other, is the day you can make great!  And I can write the same thing in a later blog and in the one after that and so on.  We get so caught up in throw-away lines and expressions that we can easily forget the power of not only a simple phrase like, "Make it a great day", but also in the power that you can bring to it. 

What exactly does, "make it a great day" mean to me?  I began using it as a sign-off to letters and e-mails I send to people.  When I use it, I do so in an attempt to offer up a reminder not that I "hope" you have a nice day but rather, you have the power to "make" it a great day...with your thoughts, with your attitude and with your actions.  It can also mean that you can make it a great day for others by going out of your way to do something to aide another person or simply by being the kind, warm-hearted soul that you truly are. 

There are many other empowering statements and expressions I've come across as I'm sure you have as well.  I hope you'll share them with me but in the meantime, "Make It A GREAT Day!"

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